This mini-course is for women who are having symptoms of pelvic floor problems, abdominal separation, and back pain and want to feel like they can return to all the activities they love without fear of pain or symptoms.

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Pelvic and Core Health Mini-Course Breakdown

Here is a quick snippet of what you will learn each day during our mini-course.

Day 1- Breathing

Learn how to take an ideal breath to reduce stress and pressure on your system.

Day 2- Alignment

Are you placing too much pressure on your abs and pelvic floor just by the way you stand? Find out here.

Day 3- Pelvic Floor

Do some of your current habits leave your pelvic floor vulnerable to pressure? Learn what to STOP doing.

In this course you will get a series of videos sent to your email to see EXACTLY what I teach my patients on breathing, alignment, and pressure on the pelvic floor on their first day of treatment. Breathing and managing pressure are HUGE components of recovering from incontinence, prolapse, or abdominal separation (diastasis recti). If you are tired of hearing "do more kegels" than you are in the right place!

-Anne Madden, Founder Proximity Telehealth

Women's Health Focused Physical Therapist


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We are so excited for you to join us for this mini-course and to empower yourself with knowledge on what you can START doing today to keep yourself living an active life without worrying about pain, leaks, and bulging.

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